Thursday, December 24, 2015

Living inside the pinball machine


Yes, everybody goes thru this including me. Plans never go accordingly and where you end up is not where you predicted you were going to be.

Analyze why your ideas and plans didn't pan out or didn't happen as predicted. It just goes to show what preconceptions, prejudices, propaganda, peer pressure, gaslighting, indoctrination, repeated lies, energy vampirism, self interests by others brought you the false notions and suggestions that you came up by yourself.

Now that you've gone through the experience, look at the gap, direction, and your current placement. See what you need to correct and what corrected itself over time.

Follow the path back up and find the source of the false knowledge and information. Never listen to them again and never listen to another person espousing the same things.

Experience is everything and from it comes wisdom, the value of which is indispensable. Pass on what you've learned to others younger than you. And the cycle goes on.

Here's my advice:
Don't push where there is resistence. Go with the flow. Stay in the slipstream and let it guide you. Locate others in the same river current as you and stay from others as they will not be a good fit and will get in your way.

It's better to be alone than be with someone negative or someone that disagrees with you. Good friends are rare and it's not a numbers game.

Make quick checks and tests to figure out where there is resistence and where there are opportunitees and open doors. Take the opportunities and walk thru he open doors. Move on if there is any resistence. Keep going further down the rabbit hole but Keep prodding for more opportunities and openings. The open doors will lead you. YOu don't determine the direction, the openings do. Your imagination and coorindation and planning skills will tell you what to try. Try and see if there is an opening.

This goes for jobs, relationships, recreation, hobbies, etc.

{Youtube] Jessica Frech inside the pinball machine

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