Saturday, December 12, 2015

Gracie and Rachel @ The Federal Bar, LA - 12-13-2015 11am


Join Gracie and Rachel at The Federal Bar, North Hollywood, Los Angeles on Sunday 12-13-2015 starting at 11am. Not sure exactly when Gracie and Rachel will start playing during the afternoon - There will be other musicians playing too. I'll be there!

Full address is:
5303 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA 91601

Free street parking on Sunday. Perhaps the lot behind the bar is free too.

Here's Gracie and Rachel on Audiotree on 11-12-2015. They're selling the performance for $5.99, so buy it to listen in the car :).
[Youtube] G&R - Audiotree

Watch for that tree in the back! It was windy and cold.
[Persicope] Grace and Rachel on top of Hollywood Hotel 12-11-2015

PS: The Zella Day concert at The Fonda Theatre was fantastic! I am not just saying that. She is a great performer and has a great voice. Her stage was lighted so you could see her. She has an outwardly personality similar to Katy Perry's. Amazingly, she's only 20 years old!

Oh, and paying at the box office an hour before the show with cash avoids the AXS fee so I paid $20 for the ticket instead of $27.50. This strategy works great only if the concert does not sell out.

That extra $7.50 went towards a $10 Zella Day CD. And that is how you do it.

I also learned to look at your phone for the time and determine how many hours you need to put on the parking meter until you no longer have to for the day. I got there a bit past 7pm and I no longer had to feed the parking meter after 8pm for Tuesday. So I should've put in 1 hour which would've been $2. But when I slid the credit card it it automatically added 2 hours to my credit card. Well it gave me 5 seconds to make a correction, and by the time I pulled out my phone to look at the time to do the calculations, it was too late. The meter had charged my credit card $4 and I lost $2.
frown emoticon

Next time.. Next time I'll set that parking meter straight!

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