Sunday, June 28, 2009

James (Jim) W. Douglass: JFK assassination book author

Here is an introduction to James (Jim) Douglass, the great author of "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters".

[Youtube] Jim Douglass speaks at Elliott Bay Books in Seattle on 06-06-2008.

[MP3] James (Jim) Douglass interviews with Kevin Barrett on GCN's Dynamic Duo 04-12-2008


  1. Not familiar with this guy, but THE definitive work on the subject is the book "Farewell to Justice" by Joan Mellen. I look forward to seeing what Jim has to say on the subject.

  2. OK, this is pure liberal fantasy that JFK had a life-changing epiphany. Absolute lie. JFK was part of a wing of the ruling class that differed in tactics on Vietnam and Latin America, and also wanted to put the CIA under the executive's control. The differences in tactics were why he was killed, not some fantasy of a change of heart to becoming a "man of the people". The average person has nothing to gain from choosing from the different wings of the same ruling class apperatus.

  3. But does the fact remain that JFK was killed for the very reasons by the very same guys as Jim Douglass lays out?

  4. James Douglas is correct when he said Kennedy had a change of heart. Kennedy removed 1,000 American air force personell from Vietnam. Then talked to Walter Cronkite on national TV. Stating that We could arm, support, train, and supply the South Vietnamese to fight the communists of the north, But he said, it is their war to win or loose. We in America can not fight this war for them. As the president i do not intend to get bogged down in a land war in south east asia,period. That he said would be stupid. The directive he signed ending the war was resinded by Johnson the evening of Kennedy's death. Nov. 22nd. 1963. Before his body was in the ground. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was truly a man of Courage.
    May God have mercy on the souls of the dearly departed. May God seek vengence on those who continue to lie about this trajic conspiracy, and their entire seed... Amen.

  5. The evidence does point toward both a change of tactics as a result of a change of heart. Both Kennedys were sick of total war brinksmanship and the threat of mass casualties after the Cuban Missile Crisis and their experiences in WW2. Invasions were out. Mass casualties were no longer acceptable.

    After the Bay of Pigs debacle, JFK and RFK were searching for a way to defeat what they thought, and what was at the time, a real Communist threat of Soviet militarization into Cuba. Their goal was to deny the Soviets entry forver, and the best way to do that while avoiding WW3 was to "stage" an "internal coup" against Castro which they could deny by using Mafia and deniable CIA assets.
    The Mafia and CIA cowboy guys moved easily between these worlds, and had a lot of crossover with the Cuban Exiles. If the plot worked, Castro would be gone, and if the plot didnt work, Castro would be forced to purge his own leadership and midlevel management, and hopefully deal with the Kennedys rather than the Soviets. It worked either way.

    What they knew was that they were playing a very dangerous game, as many of the CIA cowboys had independent funding, and were truly pissed off at the Kennedys forever, and would agree to play along as long as they could have satisfaction at the end of the day. That meant, they wanted to use the US to get Castro, get back into Cuba, and deny the Kennedy's the credit for doing it. They would allow the plot against Castro to go so far that it couldnt be stopped, and get satisfaction against Kennedy, while making it necessary for RFK to cover everything up.

    Oswald may or may not have fired a shot. He certainly was a patsy, the hit was a professional job well financed and well covered, and the government, especially RFK, was forced to help in the cover due to their own involvement in a slightly different direction. Marcello won. But he also lost, as Castro survived, the mobs power was broken one man at a time and the real losers are us, because we now know that our government is not very competent, very holy or very moral. The Kennedy attempt to control the government failed, and we are still dealing with the effects today. Money, corruption and coverups rule.