Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bombay Dabbawalas: Low Tech Human Delivery Service

Here's something that will make UPS management drool. Here's a look at a convenient, neglected, and often forgotten tiffin delivery service by the 5000 Dabbawalas in Bombay (Mumbai). This organization was founded all the way back in the 1890's. This is what honest day's work for honest day's pay used to look like. The monthly service fee is 400 rupees which is less than $10!

I think what is missing are Goldman Sachs, derivatives, or maybe even some MBAs at the exective level. LOL. Cooperatives are the enemy of top down corporations!

Btw, here's a mind boggling observation by me: Education has very little to do with income. Does it mean that people without an education should go without an income? Who is really the production engine of the economy? What if all the illiterates of India suddeny; graduated with a masters in IT, or how about a MBBS? Would it mean the majority of them would go unemployed? What would it do to the salaries of the existing IT workforce? What about the doctors? Would a lot of existing doctors go unemployed? Let's not get high and mighty about education now. It's a SCHEME to subjicate those who do not have the opportunity to be educated. I mean, think about all the unskilled or low skilled workers who bring quality to your lives. I mean if you really think about it, who's more important to your life? That farmer or that IT manager? Who should we really be endearing and respecting?

[Youtube] Bombay Daddawalas: Six Sigma Certified

[Youtube] Bombay Daddawalas: More footage

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