Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Panama Deception: George Bush invasion to 'get' manuel Noriega

Here's a good, old, documentary on the Panamanian invasion by George Bush to snatch the uncooperative CIA asset Manuel Noriega. Does that sounds familiar?

Notice the US Marines suppressing the local people's protests for change. What are they doing off base? What/who are they exactly supporting?

Notice that they bombed and destroyed the poor's buildings and neighborhoods, and not the Panamanian oligarchy. The oligarchy supported the invasion. A war is being waged against goodness and humanity around the world. Are there enough people with morals to riseup?

The last clip by the lady was something to ponder. Do Americans really know what's going on, or are they happy to go along with the priviledges and material attainted through empire, through its wars and suppression of dignity and humanity of the poor people around the world?

[Google Video] The Panama Deception - The Invasion

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