Thursday, September 24, 2009

Janet Tavakoli: Ponzi Scheme Profits by Wall Street Banks

After watching Janet Tavakoli, there should be no doubt this was a premeditated plan by Wall Street banks to rob the public. It was not a mistake and did not take place by chance. Please watch the last video which is 60 minutes long that explains a lot more in detail.

Take it from the horses mouth. Janet Tavakoli still works for Wall Street arbitrating conflicts and distrust between the big banks and their contract counterparties.

Janet Tavakoli summary:
There was no black swan. It wasn't a subprime problem. It was a ponzi scheme by Wall Street bankers brought upon the American public. They created financial meth lab that were value destroying securizations. We're bailing out A LOT of bad guys. Wall Street thinks they can get away because the public can't follow the scheme.

[Youtube] Janet Tavakoli: The most dangerous bill (the bailout)

[Youtube] Janet Tavakoli: Wall Street Ponzi Scheme

[Youtube] Janet Tavakoli vs captured former FDIC Chairman. Notice the belligerence!

[Youtube] Janet Tavakoli: 60 minute Q&A **MUST WATCH**

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