Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shadow Secrets (2008): Revisiting 9/11

I believe I got this documentary recommendation off's Must Watch Documentaries thread...

We revisit the September 11 and the people involved with 9/11.

Why is Ali Muhammad, a CIA double agent with Al Qaeda, involved with trainign Al Qaeda and involved in surveillance gathering for the African embassy bombings, allowed to continue to be CIA and then have his name kept under covers from the news media?

What? Muhammad Atta is CIA? His 9/11 buddies and him are able to get visas and roam freely even though their records indicated a security threat while being on the watch list?

Why did Bin Laden and his buddies get a free pass? The Taliban and Al Qaeda was air lifted by pakistan from the mountains in Afghanistan and transported to Pakistan safely, all under US radar.

It turns out the Pakistani ISI Director, General Mahmood Ahmed, authorized the transfer of $100,000 to Muhammad Atta. That Pakistani General was in the US during the week of 9/11. He's buddies with the Bush Administration and Muhammad Atta. What does that mean?

Guess who was funding the Taliban? The US and Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Arabian official responsible for funding al Qaeda was also in town the US during 9/11 along with the Bin Laden family was sending money to Bin Laden. They all got a free pass to go home. Leads investigating funding point to Saudi Arabia were squashed from the top.

Why? Because the circle encloses both Al Qaeda and the CIA.

Follow the money: CIA => Pakistan ISI => Taliban / Mujahadeen / Al Qaeda => 9/11
The head of the beast is CIA.

[Google Video] Shadow Secrets (2008)

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