Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Coca-Cola Case: 3rd world corporate practices

Here's one of Coca-Cola "best practices" to maximize profits: License a local bottler thug that will willy nilly assassinate union leaders with impunity and then pay a measly sum to the workers who eek out living.

Here's one more reason to boycott Coca-Cola: Stealing water from Indian villagers and making their lives miserable.

Wise Shopper Tip: Buy store brands (find a store where it tastes good) instead of Coca-Cola or Pepsi or Nestle. Yes, Pepsi and Nestle (bottled waters) are corporations with business practices just as bad a Coca-Cola. You shouldn't be drinking that high fructose corn syrup present in cola anyways.

Be smarter than the people in this video. It amazes me that people will drink this stuff when they know union leaders are being shot dead. If only their countrymen stood up for them would their country be so much better. The only people to blame is themselves.

[Youtube] The Coca-Cola Case - Part 1/9

You can dig out the rest of the videos from the goody bag:
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