Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jessica Jackley: The Story of Kiva

Here is an inspiration. A leader. And what makes for a successful and happy career? When you do something with great intention, motivation, and passion. Money? That'll come along. Don't work for money. Work to make a difference. Leave behind a legacy. An ideal business doesn't make profit its bottom line, but looks at how it makes a positive impact to those it effects.

Imagine having a honest leader with integrity in their character. Trust is a bond that open doors. And you need it because you need the gears to work together. An individual can only do so much. A dedicated team can go much further.

School gets in the way. It limits the limitless imagination, possibilities, and desires of a person. I think a person should be home schooled with a really good mentor. The student should be the one doing the discovering while the mentor helps with the possibilities. Self learning is the best learning of all. Don't be a generalist. Be a specialist. Most of the classes in school are junk. Why do I need to know calculus? Why do I need to calculate a mole in calculus? Just tell me what a mole is and I can conceptualize it. I don't need to spending the whole week doing calculations on moles.

Here's my take on the speech in the classroom: In the video, I fast forwarded the teacher and students questions to when Jessica was speaking again. I was annoyed by it. They didn't have much to add to the conversation. And the teacher threw out thes buzz words and terminology to describe things that already happened in the past. I say, look ahead not what's in the rearview mirror!

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[Youtube] Jessica Jackley and The Story of Kiva

[Youtube] Jessica Jackley at Ted Global 2010: Poverty, Money and LOVE

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