Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A Guide to Blindly Voting - 2010 Edition - Part 2


All right, so I should have put in more hours for my research to become familiar with all the local candidates. But having no interest in becoming a political junkie, it's a painful chore. Voting via your dollar is more powerful anyways.

So here's the 80/20 rule applied to elections: Put in 20% of the time and effort you need to put into an election and come out with 80% accuracy on the ballot. It's voting with a blindfold, stabbing in the dark and hitting your target, you get the point. I've done some trolling at the independent / 3rd party websites and I've found out that at the County level, some of these parties have endorsements for the local candidates.

Here is an example. I have no idea who these judges are. But if I go to the Orange County Green Party website, I can click their Endorsements - Final Draft link, download the PDF, and see some of the Judges they endorse or not endorse.

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