Thursday, March 03, 2011

Egypt Revolution Analysis - Max Keiser in Cairo

It is of my opinion that Facebook and Twitter did not cause the revolution in Egypt. And neither did Wikileaks cause the revolution in Tunisia. They may have been catalysts but they are not the main factors in the revolution. Plain and simple, it was the three decades long fatigue, and it was high food prices and inflation that finally broke the camel's back.

Instrumental was the historical education and the increase of knowledge by the youth in the revolution. They were aware of neoliberalism and neocolonialism. They were after all, a US colony, so to speak. They KNEW there was a better way. If they could just cut off those tentacles of that giant vampire squid.. They finally snapped and took action collectively.

If Facebook and Twitter were the actual cause of the revolution, where's the revolution in the US? Poor Ralph Nader still doesn't have a large population behind him.

Some thoughts..
1) The people of Egypt imagine a civilization. There was a silent churning and yearning for freedom. Suddenly, the masses couldn't take it any more. There was a revolution. Is it in the US population also? Only time will tell.

2) With their new found freedom, the Egyptians want a socialistic type of a government. After all, more money does not necessarily mean a better quality of life. A better community means a better quality of life. The Egyptians know not to fall for that free market propaganda. Corporations bringing a better quality of life? No way! Those one track minded people who only care about money... They are not going to have any of it. It's not in the country's interest to have people derive their income from foreign entities within their country.

Please fast forward halfway through the video to hear the interview with Anthony Shadid.
[Youtube] Max Keiser in Cairo interviews Anthony Shadid about the Egyptian Revolution

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