Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Libya: Imagine the Revolution continues...

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Some thoughts.. What happening now will go down in history books. Nothing can change its path and final destination now. The fear is gone. People's desires have awakened to a new dawn. What's it going to take? It going to require guns. Lots of guns. Never forget the 2nd amendment. Looks like people are taking up arms as necessary. The rebellion / revolution is showing you do not need a central authority/government to live their daily lives. As the founding fathers suggested, local is best. The people are showing exactly where the rules for civilization come from. It is not from the government but the people themselves. That's why I say the politicians are not the problem; it is the people. Sub-prime, imperialism, colonialism, war, GMO, fraud, broken families. These are all symptoms of misguided individuals in a dysfunctional society.

The Libyan capital appears to be a lonely outpost for supporters of Muammar Gaddafi as the anti-Gaddafi camp gains control of more cities. The areas reported to be now under control of anti-government forces include Az-Zawiya, Misurata, Benghazi and Al Baida. According to reports, the country's second most important military airport, not far from Benghazi, has fallen to the protesters. Meanwhile, military personnel say they have joined the people's revolution, and private jets and civilian aircraft at the Al Banin airport were seen grounded.
[Youtube] Central control not a requirement

Where have we heard this before? LOL.
[Youtube] Gaddafi: It's Al Qaeda!

Libyans form their own rebel volunteer army. Gaddifi's world is shrinking.
[Youtube] Libya's volunteer rebel army

While Muammar Gaddafi's son keeps with the propaganda, more of the armed forces join the people's revolution. And guns, more guns footage of arsenal left behind and taken over by the rebellion. And the countryside.. Gandhi always said the soul of the country is in the villages.
[Youtube] Gaddafi losing more areas of the country to revolutionaries

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