Thursday, March 03, 2011

Max Keiser reports from Egypt post revolution

Egypt tourism sector needs to not fear. The new Egypt will attract even more tourists. I'd venture to say the tourism industry will see even greater profits this year compared to the last even though they have seen low numbers for the first 2-3 months of this year.

This is what it's all about. Fighting for dignity and civilization.... Fight those that want to kep it from you. Max Keiser reports the following on his blog today:

The weather is awesome here. Just perfect temperature and no clouds at all. And the people are so happy, everywhere we go they say it is a new Egypt. Many note that for the first time, they can say what they like without fearing arrest and that they no longer have to pay bribes. The guy who takes care of the pool here said, for example, that the official cost of a license for a car here is 150 Egyptian pounds (about $25) every three years but that it often actually cost 850 EGP after paying all the bribes. His uncle called him yesterday to report, in amazement, that he only had to pay 150 EGP to have his renewed yesterday. The police now really work for the people and not for Mubarak, he said.

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