Friday, March 04, 2011

Libya: Imagine the Revolution continues...

More videos concerning Libya...

Libyan martyrs remembered.
[Youtube]Libyans freedom fighters hold funerals for their dead

Imagine the courage it takes to volunteer go into a desperate dictator's warzone as a doctor!
[Youtube] Egyptian doctor volunteering in Libya discusses weapons used and deaths

Libyans know western intervention is bad news. The Libyans are fighting the West indirectly.
[Youtube] Libya DO NOT want US/Western Intervention

Imagine being a reporter and capturing a bomb dropped from a jet fighter detonating only several hundred feet away!
[Youtube] Reporter captures bomb dropped from Libyan jet fighter

Libyan ragtag voluntary militia unite to defend their territory consisting of captured military hardware and defected military personnel.
[Youtube] Benghazi Boot Camp

It's never good to have divided people. Don't the Libyans realize most of the blacks are not mercenaries but regular people trying to make a living? What's wrong with people?
[Youtube] Blacks in Libya fearful

Dismantling the torture chambers of Libya... Empire is really sick!
[Youtube] Libyan torture prisons decommissioned by rebels

Tour Gaddafi's bomb shelter below his palace. Furnished and maintained by western corporations.
[Youtube] Gaddafi's secret bunker underneath one of his many palaces

And to imagine that none of this would take place if people would be proactive and boycott all the rotten predatory capitalism present in the system...

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