Sunday, April 24, 2011

British Royal Family and the American Rich and their subjects


British Royalty. Subjugated 25% of the the planet's surface for the enrichment and glorification of a few royal and mercantilism involved families. Lessons have been lost. People have forgotten the levers used to achieve the goals of the very few. The levers are still in place and people go about their lives naively thinking history no longer applies to them. After all, it is the golden age. Success and failure to the royal and elite is not determined by how much the lives of their subjects are enrichened. Rather, success is determined by now much control they have over them. Have any of your history books mentioned any royalty or elite mention their metric for success was determined by measuring the quality of life of 90% of their populous? Does royalty/elite have competition based on this, just like say, when the royalty, politicians, and dictators hang their reputations on the line for their home country's team to win? Remember Hitler and the USA/USSR hockey game? Remember Uday Hussain beating his football (soccer) team when they lost?

[Youtube] Charlie Veitch associates the Royal Family with poverty and famine

It's great to see some Wisconsin citizens ready to fight back with knowledge. They KNOW right from wrong. Notice how belligerent and condescending the politician is to the constituency. Would he talk like that to his large donors? It's sad to say but someone voted him in! People need to stop being door mats. We all know politicians have no backbone. They take the path of least resisitence. It all boils down to who provides more resistance. The rich or the working class? If I were them, i wouldn't put up with the belligerence and condescension.

And states need to stop low balling each other and giving tax breaks and subsidies to companies that want to establish a factory or office into their territory. If no county agrees to subsidies and tax breaks then the company has no choice but to agree to pay the regular rate of setup costs snd taxes.

[Youtube] Wisconsin citizens set politician straight

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