Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ravi Batra on Thom Hartmann Show 04-29-2011

Ravi Batra proposes that higher the budget deficit, the higher the stock market. A lower budget deficit will reflect in a lower stock market 6 months into the future. Near the end of Clinton's Presidency, the US had a budget surplus. This led to a huge recession during 2001.

Also covered is the wage cap, QE2 money flowing into commodity speculation, the coming oil crash, multiplier effect diminished due to high debt (money going to pay debt), budget cuts leading to stock market crash in 3-4 months, the housing price crash, and banks facilitating investing not speculation.

Also mentioned is big business CEOs corrupt politicians to promote free trade. Reducing free trade would reduce the trade deficits and bring jobs back to the US. Reducing free trade and the trade deficits should be the highest priority and will have the greatest impact on jobs and wages.

Ravi Batra's interview starts at 1hr 15min into the file.

[MP3] Dr. Ravi Batra interviews on Thom Hartmann Show 04-29-2011 (starts at 1:15)

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