Sunday, August 07, 2011

A Common Enemy - Self Interest

Ahhhh!! Protests in the streets of Israel... High prices creating misery and dispair for everyone. But people only pop out into the streets when they're affected. Forget about ideals, morals, and justice for other people.

There is a common enemy. It's class warfare. The haves vs the have nots. Power vs the powerless. The policymakers vs he policy supporters. The enemy is same for everyone. Yet what stands in the way everywhere? That's right. Self interest. Let things go into the crapper. Then wonder what happened? All along people have been warning of events that are now taking place. They are often ignored and ridiculed. Then the party drink bowl runs low. People come out into the streets to demand more.

High real estate prices. High food prices. PROTEST! It's all simple economics. Your leaders and elites run an apartheid program. People benefit off apartheid. That's something to talk about later (euphemism to not talk about it at all). It's all too inconvenient. It's ll too lobotomatic.

High food prices brought about the Arab Spring. Now it's Israel's turn. It's all about human rights and dignity after all. Everyone wants it and needs it.

[Youtube] Israeli's selfish high prices protest

[Youtube] Israeli's high cost of living protest

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