Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fukushima: The coverup

When you need to government to give you necessary information for your safety and well being, what do they do? Purposely cover-up and hide the pertinent information and pretend like nothing has happened. In doing so, the government endangers the lives on thousands of people.

Realtime simulations on computers systems already in place for a nuclear disaster like Fukushima spat out information that foretold where the radiation would spew out. Whatever the case, the Japanese government put up a road block to any useful dissemination of evacuation information. let this be a lesson not to trust or rely on the government for anything in case of an emergency.

[Article] Fukushima's early coverup

The simulation reminds me of Katrina where Ivor van Heerden ran simulations at Louisiana State University which correctly predicted the outcome of a category 5 storm. Based on post analysis, he started pointing fingers at the culprits. He was fired for it.

[Article] Ivor Van Heerden predicted Katrina
[Article] Ivor Van Heerden fired for pointing fingers

And FEMA also had run a simulation called Pam which had also predicted disaster. Actions plans from this simulation were not adhered to. But if a tax break is needed, that won't take long to pass.

[Article] FEMA's Pam Simulation Foretold Katrina Disaster

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