Sunday, August 28, 2011

Money: Why so important?

I've always wondered how much is enough. What does one do once they reach a certain bank account value? Unfortunately, most people cannot imagine anything useful to do with their time once they reach a threshold where they are free from any burdens.

Here's a study that shows materialism buys security. It comes down to materials vs. love. Which is available and sought after more? It may explain why some people (excluding psychopaths) behave the way they do.

[Youtube] Materialism buys security?

It's not a good sign when the rich have made their wealth through unsavory means. Hence the hiding. Polite theft at its finest. The cannot end well for the rest of society.

I say pull out of the stock market. P Sainath calls it the Misery Index. The higher it goes the worse off most everyone is. It only produces powerful corporations, corruption, and inequity.

[Youtube] Al Jazeera English's Fault Lines - The Affluent - 08-01-2011

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