Sunday, August 07, 2011

P Sainath: Food revolutions and neoliberalism fallout - May 2011

P Sainath gives a speech at University of Texas, Austin, May 2011. He goes through the lies the media perpetrates and the failure of neoliberalism. Remember, Indians are infatuated with the rapid GDP increase which suggests an almost perfect economic model.

In a land where McDonalds is considered high class, sit down eat out, poverty is rising. It's a tale of two classes and a propagandized middle class caught in between. What I can't understand is how people can still believe the mass media post 2008. The proof is in the pudding right before everyone eyes, an elephant in the room.

"India Shining" forgot about the majority of the poor people... Their incomes are decreasing. Their costs are going up. Starvation is on the rise. Who's out there to care?

So the recent revolutions were food price hike bsaed. It's really sad how much else people put up with before there is an uprising. What about all the other things wrong in the world? Do most people just go about their day and put up with the injustices. It's easy to dismiss if they don't don't effect one's self personally.

[Youtube] P Sainath: Food uprising and failed neoliberalism - May 2011 - Part 1/5

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