Wednesday, December 07, 2011

William K Black speaks at #OccupyLA 11-09-2011


It seems out of reach... Only a dream at this point... Putting 2000+ EXECUTIVES IN JAIL. That was before it should 20000+ now.

I just finished watch the 60 Minutes report titled Prosecuting Wall Street. Once again, 60 minutes is 60 months behind. When they interviewed the guy from the Dept of Justice and asked why they haven't brought any cases against the big boys, the reply was that anger should not determine if we bring a case, and that it took several years to bring a case. Well isn't it more than several years since 2008. If I was the interviewer, I would told the Dept of Justice guy that William K Black, the guy that put 2000 executive in jail in the late 1980s says the fraud is even bigger this time and that he would be happy to be given the opportunity to work on fraud cases.

"The group that has the audacity to refer to itself as the productive class is the largest destroyer of lives, of jobs, and of wealth of any group ever produced in this world. They wiped out 6 million existing jobs and 5-6 million jobs that would have been created. ... They've left 26 million Americans wanting fulltime work, with no ability to find that work. If you look at just losses in the household sector, it is 11 trillion dollars. ... And then they had the nerve to say they are the productive class." -- William K Black

The bit about Alan Greenspan opposing regulation and prosecution of S&L in the 1980s is something I haven't heard before. Stay tuned!

[Youtube] William K Black @ #OccupyLA

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