Tuesday, December 20, 2011

People's Milk vs Corporate Dairy

Here's an outstanding article about milk production around the world. The people's milk, which is produced by small farmers and individuals, is being destroyed by various schemes and investments by the big guys.

So it works this way. Try to make sense of it. Stop buying milk from small farmers which destroys their livelihoods and herd. Import cattle to replace the small farmer herds and put then on massive dairy farms. Charge 6x retail what it cost to buy from a small farmer. Somehow, the modern method is better? Not to mention the nutrient quality. Whih milk is going to have more nutrition? A small farmer's herd that grazes local pasture or large dairy farms where there is standing room only and the cattle is fed feed? And let's not mention the pollution.

Local breeds of dairy animals that supply the people's milk system, whether cattle, goats, buffaloes or camels, have the resilience and low-input efficiency that small farmers and pastoralists need to withstand the precarious conditions created by climate change. It is their livestock systems that require support, not the "investors", who get all kinds of generous tax breaks, donor funds, and other incentives from governments.

[Article] A look at People's Milk from around the world

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  1. Somehow, the modern method is better?

    Ah, you are confused that the Capitalist actually gives a shit if the poor "person" dies or suffers horribly.