Monday, December 05, 2011

Jon Mcnaughton - Art - Wake up, America!


Ummm.. it's already too late. We passed the point of no return that faithful day that massive bailout whih Hank Paulson handed over for signature. So now we must plan for a post dollar era. So get ready.

Who cares about finance. Yes, we'll have to learn to live with less money. We are a second rate country not due to finance but to poor thought. We've been propagandized to believe it is our materials which determine our quality of life. We've learned to ignore things of value, spirit, comrade, and experience in pursuit of zeros and ones in a computer. Other than food, shelter, utilities, and recreation, I do not find any other need for money.

Innocence and naivety are no excuse. Neither is having time, energy, money invested in the current system.

Here's a Jon Mcnaughton painting depicting a public bound in chains. More info at

[Youtube] Jon Mcnaughton's artwork: Wake up, America!

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