Saturday, March 28, 2009

Catherine Austin Fitts - Fraud and Corruption from The Fed

Catherine Austin Fitts is a brave soul with limitless energy to shed light upon the fraud, lies, and corruption which infests the system consisting of The Fed, the big banks, the multinational corporations, and government agencies with revolving door policies which lock arms with private entities. She was a former Assistant Secretary of HUD under the George Bush Sr. administration.

Coast to Coast's Art Bell interviews Catherine Austin Fitts on 12-18-2008.
Downloaded the interview. (MP3 format)


  1. The central question: how do we withdraw from the parasite system?

  2. Catherine goes into that in the video. Move your money into a local bank. Invest locally. Buy from smaller companies.

    She's created the Solari Circle for investors to invest in local businesses. But it costs money to join so I haven't been able to look into it.

    There is a link to her blog on the right side.

  3. Be sure the check out the MP3s that I have posted.