Tuesday, March 31, 2009

John Perkins, Economic Hitman - US Empire

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you John Perkins, Economic Hitman. He has two books out that are must reads:

1)Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
2)The Secret History of the American Empire: The Truth About Economic Hit Men, Jackals, and How to Change the World

It is futile to expect a better world by voting politicians, having marches, or writing letters. The dollar is more powerful than any of this. Vote with your dollars. Reward business practices are in line with your values. Look for sustainability, equitability, fairness, etc as key factors when deciding which business to give money to. Don't just throw your money into a 401k. Invest in a company that's doing good. Think small and think local, like your local farmer's market or neighborhood store. Change can come only through one's consumption and investment habits. Let's change the Corporatocracy to adopt our values.

Here's a few of videos of his speeches and interviews. I've also linked to the Revolutionbroadcasting.com interview with Douglass Gaking back in June 2008.

From March, 2009:

From 2006 (3 Parts) MUST WATCH:

We had the great pleasure of getting John Perkins to interview on our internet radio station during the height of the Ron Paul Revolution. Click the logo to listen to the John Perkins interview with Douglass Gaking (June 2008):


  1. I read "Economic Hit Man" before I bailed on the U.S. I have doubts about Perkins personally. My bullshit meter says he's puffing himself up as playing a bigger role than he actually did. Who's this "we" who persuaded the primitive religious freakazoid kings of Saudi Arabia to play ball, Perkins -- does that include YOU? Why wasn't a big thing like THAT mentioned in your book, when you had pages to go on about South American jungle shamans? Scepticism aside, though, the scenarios he describes involving the House of Saud, Saddam Hussein and Hugo Chavez strike me as totally believable. Sometimes a little fibber can tell a bigger truth.

  2. John Perkins is reporting on what he knows. I don't remember if he was part of the team that made that historic deal with the Saudis, but that's not important. He was on the inside and knew what was happening and now is reporting on it. He's said he will only report what he knows first hand and ignore talking about the rest even though it may be true.

    The 'we' is the United States. He's covered the Shamans and the South American tribes because of his interest and because he was bribed for awhile not to write about the corporatocracy.

    John Perkins is the real deal. So is Catherine Austin Fitts. Check her out of you haven't already. I've got a few posts on Catherine. Just click her name on the bottom right.