Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who's the boss? The Taxpayer or AIG?

Even with 80% ownership of the company, the CEO of AIG talks down to Congress. What does he mean by "he'll check out the implications before giving the list of names of the CDO traders"? That's like you or me going in front of the judge and telling him that you'll consult with your family and see what the implication to the family finances are before paying the traffic ticket fine.


  1. How can the Congress even contemplate receiving an answer such as the one from CEO Liddy of AIG.

    If anyone of us had asked for a large sum of money from a bank, would we not have to openly give an account of what that money will be spent for? You ask for a loan, and if you get a loan, it has to be for "house", "car", etc. And if I am correct, you are set up with payment for such. "We the People" are asked for money, and then told we dont get info on what it was spent for. Really! We might as well go and throw our savings on the street for whomever can pick it up.

    It 's agitation to the max, to know that these "thugs" from AIG are dumbing down our Congress, while they have played games with people's lives and savings, and then claim they dont have to give information about it.

    When will the American people DEMAND some transparency!

  2. Here's some transparency, but not the kind that's going to go over too well.

    Spread the word.

  3. Interesting article anonymous! How much are people going to take until they rise up?

  4. I'm not sure what "rise up" means. I'm not in favor of anything violent, but I'm afraid people's survival will make it inevitable.