Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obama the Robot

People say Obama is a great speaker with excellent oratical skills. But what good are his words of wisdom when it's scripted by his puppet masters?

Out of touch in his Ivory Tower!

Alex Jones should show these clips in his next Obama Deception video he's working on. Yes, he's working on Obama Deception 2.


  1. There are plenty of serious reasons to oppose Obama.

    Like Bush, like most of Washington, he has a populist image -- remember, Bush the compassionate conservative? -- yet in reality he's bought and paid for by the ultra-rich. Bush's "compassion" consisted of letting the ultra-rich keep their profits tax-free. This means the billionaire Wall St money-speculators who we are now told we have to bail out with public monies.

    So Obama representing the SAME VALUES AS BUSH AND CHENEY, and a CONTIGUOUS policy pattern where it counts, financially, is just cause for opposition.

    Taking harsh edits clips of a speaking style which WON first place awards in MARKETING for the O campaign -- beating out Apple -- is hardly viable or sensible or serious criticism. It's goofy.

  2. Those videos about the teleprompter made you think if he really had his own ideas or the corporations which funded him.

    Check out the Obama Deception video if you need some analysis and not soundbites and small clips.