Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Lorde: A World Alone - Live


Love her songs. She's got so many good ones on her album. Most of them are here on SoundCloud. Ella Yelich-O'Connor (that's Lorde's actual name) first became a sensation by offering these songs for free the internet. So much for the establishment and their distribution!

"Yeah, I put the EP out for free because I wanted people my age to be able to listen to it regardless of whether or not they have a credit card. I think that’s bulls**t that you need to have one in order to buy songs. I also made my Facebook page and just invited my friends, and then they started listening and the word spread from there. When I realized that people who weren’t my friends were talking about the EP, that’s when it started to get crazy." -- Ella

Joel Little is her co-writer, producer, recorder/mixer. He puts the music into the computer for her.

"Everyone involved is reacting to the response, rather than it being any kind of planned strategy. The plan was just 'let's make some songs, and if people like the songs then that's cool, but it doesn't need to be about anything other than that at this point, because she's such a young artist'. People somehow thought that was a manipulative way of doing things, but it wasn't supposed to be a big deal. How could you guess that that many people would be interested? If nobody had been into it, it would've just been some songs online for free, with no photo." -- Joel Little

[Youtube]Lorde singing A World Alone LIVE.


  1. If you'd like to read more about Lorde's dramatic rise to the top, check out this excellent article:

    1. That's a new way of presenting internet articles. Makes it really interesting. What technology is being used?

    2. Btw, you didn't post your Youtube video of 12 year old Ella. Her dancing was different and the professional video angles threw me off making me think it was a publicity stunt for someone else to present themselves. Anyways, here it is: