Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thomas Sheridan: Fahrenheit 451 analysis


Beware of those that seem power and control...

There's nothing more valuable than freedom. It provides the openness to think, to pursue, and to act on whatever whims one may happen to manifest. With freedom comes everything else, even money. However, people would rather favor and protect their money interests, not freedom.

PS: if you want to experience the 4th Reich, visit Disneyland or Disney World. Feel the intricacies of fascism as a system in action. It includes a timely schedule, low paid workers, high prices on everything and everything done with a forced smile. The system takes priority over individualism.

Thomas Sheridan tears apart the 1966 movie Fahrenheit 451. Even then, the director François Truffaut knew what was REALLY going on. Whether it was happening then (it probably was) or it was a prediction of the future, the present is most certainly binds to the paradigm as depicted in the movie. Instead of me blabbering on, let's just watch it...

[Youtube] Thomas Sheridan's version of Fahrenheit 451

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