Thursday, November 14, 2013

Big Cities Limit Conscienceness

Holy smokes! This has become Lorde central! I recently found the Million Dollar Bills remix and just today I located Lorde on Live with Letterman 11-12-13.

And yes, a handful people unsubscribed when I started hammering out those Katy Perry songs and a few more unsubscribed when I started covering Lorde. Oh well.

Satellite picture of Los Angeles and cancerous tissue:

Anyways, I want to cover a suspicion I've had. Well it's an experience since I am living in it. That is.. big cities and the damage that they do.

I believe individuals are born to see greenery and be closer to nature. And there needs to be space created by lower density. There's so much land but people live on top of each other and next to each other like sardines, all because of that higher paying job. Urban and suburban areas are artificial creations with artificial vegetation, concrete, and structures mixed in.

Big cities are fast and noisy. But that's just a cover story. Big cities attract anonymous people who like staying anonymous. This is open invitation to criminals and psychopaths. There's less interaction with neighbors. It's difficult to get close to people. There's just too many anti-social elements to overcome. Maybe big cities are the cause of anti-social behavior? The people are more selfish and self centered and they produce noise like kitchen pans clanging that force one's attention towards them. One is left with a poorer concentration. Relationships just cannot be fully formed. This produces a desolate atmosphere where the person is lost, confused, saddened, and depressed. It creates an ambiance that limits the potential of the soul and mind.

In the big city, a person is a number to the employer. There's no loyalty or caring between the employer and employee. Ans worse yet, there's the people that work there. Voluntarily stuck in a hamster wheel, there's not even a minute to get off to value a relationship. If a person can't be used, they can't be talked to. Money, cheap thrills, tv, and gadgets garner attention instead.

Whereas in smaller cities, an individual counts. Everyone knows everyone. There's an interface with other people. The character of an individual can be found out easily. The antisocial character is exposed. Furthermore, in relationships there's sharing. There's give and take. There's caring and bonding which form full relationships. The experience of valued relationships is fulfilling and it soothes the soul and expands the conscience. There's potential in every direction.

Then there is nature. Fewer people per square mile creates breathing room. The air is fresher. There are brighter more appealing colors of foliage. There are open spaces to roam, wander, and discover. There's more opportunities to exercise. People are not bothered by other people. There's undisturbed moments giving into contemplation. Thoughts, dreams, visuals, and creativity are abundant. There is development of the self and there is satisfaction.

Ella (Lorde), Katy Perry, and Avril are notable artists that come from smaller cities. Perhaps it was the environment that nourished their talents.

Ella compares big cities and the smaller, isolated part of a city where she grew up in the video below. Great observer!

"And it wasn't until I traveled that I realized that my town's pretty cool ... I'm happy I grew up here. I think it's nice to be able to kind of find your own quiet places in the town ... I'd probably be like a freak if I came from a big city" -- Ella

[Youtube] Ella's travels and observations

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