Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Death by Stock Certificate


KAMAKAZI public investors see profits in their pockets as they lie in their graves.

I remember NHK TV announcing Nikkei stock market valuations for days, multiple times every hour right after the earthquake, as if the valuations mattered or had an effect. I wrote a comment on their website saying how insignificant and irrelevant those stock tickers were during that time, that the Japanese people had other concerns on their minds, and that the stock market wouldn't affect them in any way whether it was down 70% or up 50%. Maybe it was my comment, but I noticed they stopped covering finance and the stock market and just showed coverage of the the results of the earthquake...

Here's a jaw dropper. TEPCO announces a profit! The system must outlive at any cost to the individual! There's their priority. To keep the hologram up and moving...

What about the $500 billion cost? What bout all the land ruined, homes deserted, and family business like fishing ruined?

The stock market is truly the Misery Index (a phrase used by P Sainath).

[Article] TEPCO has a profit! (via ZeroHedge)

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