Saturday, November 09, 2013

YouTube Music Awards 2013


That was pretty darn good! I can't imagine the boatload of cash they had to hand over to get Lady Gaga, MIA, and Eminem to perform live. I did look at some of the videos in full that were presented during the show. That Taylor Swift video for the song "I knew your were Trouble" was like a mini-film with a movie type plot into itself. I also viewed some of the lesser known names and their videos. That one with the pizza floating in space was incredible. That Korean group video was really colorful and scenic. The live performance of that girl with the violin jetpack was incredible. A sight to see....

This was much, much, much better (more entertaining and spectacular) than the comedy week that YouTube had a few months ago. What a crash n burn disaster that was!

That short film (written by Lena Dunham) got interesting and that's in the middle of a music awards show! Of course it had a psychopathic ending with the suicide and blood.

Lastly, the hosts were quite funny, entertaining, and even put out some entertaining music and singing themselves!

{Youtube] YouTube Music Awards 2013

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