Tuesday, November 19, 2013

More Music!

What's going on since the last post? Well I ran into these music videos and want to share them.

It looks like the music industry is backing off from removing copyright material off the internet. I can find full music albums on Youtube now. They're moving into a new marketing and distribution scheme as physical music albums are no longer popular.

Click on the links to watch in HD. Embedded videos no longer feature HD as an option.

1) Katy Perry's iHeartRadio Prism Album Release Party 2013 - A SPECTACLE! I really like the styling of music and the clothing on this performance! The softer style is also more suitable for a more mature audience. Looks like the drummer was the hardest working of them :). Unconditional is her best song. Btw, congrats to Katy to being the #1 most followed in the world on Twitter at 47 million followers beating out now #2 Justin Beiber. Lastly, do not mistreat her in a relationship, else you'll end up as the focus of her next album :P.

2) OMNIA: I Don't Speak Human - I had run into OMNIA much earlier but have the opportunity to it share now.

3) A bunch of Lorde videos on MTV - Live at Le Poisson Rouge was her first concert in America.

4) Lorde: Team on Letterman 11-12-13 - Let go that hand! LOL.

Next post will be about the British Empire...

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