Monday, May 18, 2009

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Viddler Show interview 05-01-2009

Catherine Austin Fitts interviews on The Viddler Show. Everything comes back to the red button issue. All the fraud and corruption out there is the symptom of people wanting to eat their cake regardless of how they get the cake. If society is immoral, it looks away when fraud and corruption presents itself. And there the root of all the problems. So everything you see around you has been the result of what the mind has cooked up.

I don't think it takes the majority of the people to make a change. I think getting 10-20% to change makes an impact great enough for there to be change. Just look at what 15% unemployment is doing to the economy and society.

The interview starts 51:00 into the video.

[Video] Catherine Austin Fitts interviews on The Viddler Show

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