Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Pig Factory Farming: Was it worth it?

Mega pig farms destroy the environment with pig manure cesspools. The pigs are injected with all kinds of antibodies. Then there's the threat of pig viruses getting out into the population.

Was it worth it? Was all the chaos, fear, and economic damage caused by the swine flu worth saving $.50 on a pack of pork hot dogs or bacon? This swine flu outbreak caused economic losses of billions of dollars to Mexico and othe countries around the world. The pennies saved by consumers on through mass production pig farming techniques by agri-business were lost in a matter of minutes. Penny wise, pound foolish. Maybe paying more for products grown on family farms is a good idea after all?

[Youtube] Flu outbreak on Smithfield's pig farm? Video1 | Video2

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  1. They are unclean animals anyways. The Bible has forbidden us Christians from eating swine.