Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Farmer Suicides and the Monsanto connection


Buy organic and buy local is what I say. Buying organic means you didn't give your money to Monsanto and their pesticides like Roundup. It also means they didn't make any money selling GMO seeds. Buying local means your money stays in the community and more of your money ends up in the farmer's pocket instead of that giant conglomerate that owns your supermarket.

I've found a couple of articles that explains how debt ensnarement destroys the farmer. Imagine having to give up your land that has been passed down the generations:

[Article] Debt ensnarement of the farmer by Monsanto
[Article] Dr. Mercola and Monsanto

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  1. Monsanto is one evil corporation. A lot of times these farmers are put at a disadvantage because the giant GMO and animal torture agribusinesses get the majority of the benefits of government farm subsidies, not to mention they use frankenstein and chemical shortcuts that make it so the organic farmers just can't compete. Thankfully there has been such a huge demand of people who are willing to pay more to be healthy that some of these farmers can hang on. On a semi-related note, the USDA Organic labels allow for "non-organic" water and salt. That means that some of these so called organic foods have fluoride, a toxic industrial waste product, in them.