Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Chrysler: Will NOT repay government bailout loan

Chrysler to NOT repay government bailout loan! How despicable Cerberus! The public helps these companies out and they spit on the benefactor!

I knew it! I knew it! It was a scam! The government loaned all these "companies" money to pay off all the connected insiders. Then the company declares bankruptcy and doesn't have to pay anything back. The big boys leave with the loot and the small guys are left holding an empty bag.

It's going to happen exactly like this with the TARP money and the big banks and AIG. Not to mention the $8 trillion in swapped MBS, CDOs and other worthless garbage that the FED has taken in as collateral! Declare bankrupcty and the company doesn't have to pay anyone back!

[Article] Chrysler to government: Go to hell! We're not paying back your bailout loans!

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  1. They blame capitalism, but this surely is not it. Jefferson's warnings of the central banks seem as though they will come to pass considering the way they are engaging in theft by benefiting through the devaluaing of our currency. Younger/Middle aged people trying to buy a home and seniors living on a fixed income are put at a disadvantage because some companies have the clout to be exempt from bankruptcy laws that are necessary to allow the free market to function correctly. Our standard of living has been seriously put into jeopardy since we have further entrenched ourselves in debt and as the Federal Reserve continues buying worthless debt that make our money worthless. Not only will everything in the US say "Made in China" on it, but it will cost a lot more to buy it. The people of Georgia are not fooled on how we have been robbed so that Detroit and Wall Street could benefit (at least until they go bankrupt once again).