Friday, June 18, 2010

Michel Chossudovsky: The Cause of Civil Wars in Africa


This blog asks why? Why and how do things happen? What is the reason or the source? What's the motivation? Who's he beneficiary? What is the logic? I am always attempting to find out information that can help me solve these riddles which bug me. There must be an explanation to these questions!

Here is some material dug up by Michel Chossudovsky to explain the cause/source of the Rwanda, Congo/Zaire, and Uganda civil wars and civil upheaval. Where would be without the internet?

It explains that the School of the Americas trained the warlord and their henchmen to bloody the region so as to increase the US's control and secure raw materials at a low price, of course, at the cost of the African population. So that's what the CIA and special forces are for!

Remember, people don't just wake one day and decide to kill each other! There must be a catalyst! A situtation must be created, so desperate, that some person must kill another person in self defense. Others must be rajavascript:void(0)llied into a frenzy in support of "their warlord". That warlord has plans whose sole purpose is relegated to him being sole beneficiary of any results.

[Article] Michel Chossudovsky explains the source of Civil Wars in Africa

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