Saturday, June 12, 2010

David DeGraw on Max Keiser exposes Tim Geithner


Would you like to have the guy that was the head of the IMF, who during his tenure, destroyed numerous third world countries be in charge of your country's Treasury? Well it's happened without your permission or knowledge.

David DeGraw exposes the charlatan Tim Geithner, who claims to work for the public's interest as the US Treasury Secretary. It is no surprise, that during his term, IMF type hits have been pursued to bring the biggest economy ever in the history of the world on its knees begging for a new direction.

Scary, just scary. I was completely floored when I heard about Tim's background. No wonder we are where we are!

[Youtube] David DeGraw on Max Keiser's show on "Little Timmy" Tim Geithner

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