Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BP Oil Spill: The Lies and Deception of a Corporation


Today we'll connect the dots from Alaska, to Nigeria, to the Gulf of Mexico. The common denominator? The product, oil, and the connection of the producer to the consumer.

It's time to recognize the behavior patterns by corporations. What they are they consistently allowed to get away with?

This oil spill event is a good opportunity to focus in all the little moving parts. How and why did it happen? Why does it continue to keep happening?

We give them a pass because they need to make extraordinary profits to make the shareholders happy. Else the shareholders start complaining like a really old, rusty, wheelbarrow.

In turn, we want the product on the cheap and we want it guilt-free. Please mainstream media, reinforce the idea that nothing bad is going on, so that I have a clean conscious, so that I don't have to do anything, and I can go about my merry way.

These corporations and executives will only do it, if they can get away with it.

Greg Palast compares BP's involvement in Exxon's oil spill up in Alaska and Gulf oil spill.
[Youtube] Greg Palast on BP's behavior in the Alaska Oil Spill

[Youtube] More of Greg Palast on BP's culture of neglect

Riki Ott, PhD in marine biology, is the author of Not One Drop. BP is carefully removing carcasses of dead animals in the dead of the night. They are also not allowing any video devices that can take a record of the evidence.
[Youtube] Riki Ott interview on Keith Olbermann's show on the sly coverup behavior by BP

This video is in Dutch with English subtitles.
[Video] Dirty Oil from Shell - Destruction of lives and livelihoods in Nigeria
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