Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Charlie Veitch's street performance at the G20 - 06-26-2010

The Love Police (Charlie Veitch) visits the G20 in Toronto, Canada. Arrested earlier for not showing is ID, Charlie returns to put on a funny performance with his megaphone.

It seems to be a festive like the World cup.

[Youtube] Charlie Veitch @ G20 - 06-26-2010

[Youtube] More Charlie Veitch @ G20 - 06-26-2010

[Youtube] Charlie Veitch on the ground @ G20 - 06-26-2010 (Charlie is seen 2:45 into the video)

Footage shot by Dan Dicks of PressforTruth.ca
[Youtube] Charlie Veitch visits a mall in Toronto 06-24-2010

[Youtube] Footage of Charlie Veitch moments before he was arrested (at 5:12)

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