Sunday, June 06, 2010

Kal Ho Naa Ho: A Sad Song

Well here it is after promising to post it a week ago (was it two?).. ]:-)

Kal Ho Naa Ho, the movie, was shot on location in New York. It stars Sharukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, and Preity Zinta. The main character has a terminal illness, and hence decides he cannot marry the gal he's fallen in love with. She eventually marries someone else, and he's around to see this happen.

In the song, he sings about life, destiny, and taking advantage of opportunity whilst one has it.

Song starts at 7:08 and is split into two videos. Subtitles are once again ahead by about 5 seconds.

[Youtube] Kal Ho Naa Ho in HD with subtitles (Starts at 7:08)

[Youtube] Kal Ho Naa Ho in HD with subtitles - Part 2

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