Monday, June 07, 2010

Driven to eat mud - Ganne, India


What is it about a society, a system, a structure that neglects its people? If money or supply of food isn't the problem, then what is? Is it the corruption? Why are people so dismissive of improprieties? Take the problem to task! If a person does a honest day's work, is he/she not entitled to a fair meal?

Laws in India are in place to theoretically provide for the basic necessities through subsidies and distribution. The intellectuals of yesteryears have already thought it thought and implemented their plans. What sits in the way are corrupt workers and politicians who steal the product intended for poverty stricken end consumers. The cowardly thieves will eiher use it themselves or resell it for a profit.

Nip corruption in the bud or it will nip you eventually!

[Article] Poverty so bad, people eat mud in India

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