Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catherine Austin Fitts: interview on the Red Ice Radio 08-23-2009

Catherine Austine Fitts interviews on Sweden's Red Ice Radio. She became an 'enemy of the state' for trying to increase transparency at HUD. She believes there will be depopulation in our future. She discusses agenda of maximizing control NOT profits. She's the one to come up with the concepts of decentralization (moving away from government and large corporations) and 'tapeworm' economy where the resources are organized to by the tapeworm to feed itself at the detriment of the host.

She also covers:
- the swine flu and the dangers of vaccinations
- the inefficient healthcare industrial complex and intentional pollution and toxicity of environment and health
- American philanthropy an endowments such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that are used to hide from taxes and to feed the military industrial complex, the various corporations, and various agendas
- the nefarious agenda to take over seed stock for purposes of population reduction
- the leveraged buyout of the economy
- treasury bonds as a mechanism to tax the world backed by force by the military

[MP3] Catherine Austine Fitts - The interview on Sweden's Red Ice Radio 08-23-2009 (1 Hour)

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