Sunday, August 23, 2009

Charlie and Danny at the Canary Wharf, UK Matrix

Charlie and Danny perform a hilarious expose of the matrix at private Canary Wharf in the UK. Can you say police state?

The authorities (including private security dressed to look like police) don't know what to do when they are spreading smiles, hugs and love by NOT protesting (they're ONLY speaking through a megaphone).

[Youtube] Charlie and Danny @ Canary Wharf - Part1

[Youtube] Charlie and Danny @ Canary Wharf - Part2


  1. I'd laugh if this were funny, but in some of these clips you're just being dicks on purpose. Reminds me of homeless people who pester you on the train because you won't give them change, or viral ad campaigns that get in your face when you're just trying to get to work. It's just pretentious.

    Stick to spreading a message, and not disturbing people who want to sit in peace on the subway.

  2. Folks,
    I know that most of you are hip to the subjects covered in this video but I would appreciate it if you could please pass it on to those people who are not.
    Thanks! Tony
    TONY GREEN (in conjunction with DAVID DEES) walks you through an exhibition of his most recent etchings & watercolors at the Academy Gallery in New Orleans in April 2009 that deal with the criminal & psychopathic agenda of the NEW WORLD ORDER.
    (This video will soon go global via the very popular BRASS CHECK TV!)

  3. the first video doesn't work :( Anonymous, thanks for the link :)
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