Friday, August 14, 2009

Catherine Austin Fitts: interview on the Jeff Rense Show 07-29-2009

Catherine Austin Fitts continues the theme of decentralization by encouraging everyone to take their daily lives into their own hands and to change their patterns so that local community growth is encouraged and centralized institutional control broken. You can do so by withdrawing your money from any of the big bailed out banks and putting it into a local bank. Buy precious metal coins and trade them as currency with others instead of dollars. Earn a 4% return (based on inflation and lack of a income tax chanrge) by buying and stocking up on commodity food and household items such as paper towels.

Also discussed is analysis of the ongoing corruption and fraud by the fed and the banks. Catherine talks about her run in with the DOJ and how her family gave money back that she had given them earlier on as gift. She contrasts this benefit of support vs. the big banks.

[Youtube] Catherine Austin Fitts interviews on the Jeff Rense Show 07-29-2009

[Youtube] Watch the rest of the interview HERE

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