Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sir James Goldsmith: His speech to the Senate 11-15-1994 + his warnings in 1997


What a great guy. He's one of the rare individuals put on earth that tells the truth. He predicts everything that's happening now with the economy. He gave out the warnings but no one listened. History keeps repeating itself!

Sir James Goldsmith was so petrified by the GATT trading treaty that he came out of retirement to start a new political party in Europe and to become chairmain of one of the European parlimentary group to fight it.

"I was in business.. I believe in free markets. I beleive in free enterprise. I believe the purpose of the economy is not just to just improve indices but to improve the state of the nation. Yours, mine." -- Sir James Goldsmith

I say people need to start doing business with friends and people that are beneficial to society.

[Youtube] Sir James Goldsmith lectures the Senate in 1994 Part 1 (Parts 2-3 in playlist in the right)

[Youtube] Sir James Goldsmith: Referendum Party and the 1997 election. 04-15-1997

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