Friday, August 28, 2009

Sherry Peel Jackson: Former IRS lady says we don't have to pay income tax

Remember when someone said what they meant and meant what they said? Furthermore, they could be judged by their actions? Well.. Sherry Peel Jackson is one of these people.

She didn't file her income taxes for 4 years and went to jail for it. She's currently serving 4 years. She a CPA and a former IRS agent. She tried to find the law where it stated that US citizens had to file income taxes, after seeing an ad for a $50,000 reward for anyone that could find such a law. Mrs. Sherry Jackson was astonished that could not find such a law. Furthermore, going through the IRS codebook, she found out that what the IRS taught her to enforce did not match what was in the IRS codebook.

Here is a collection of her speeches and lectures. There's some hints on what to do when an IRS puts demands on you:

[Google Video] Sherry Peel Jackson and the Income Tax filing

[Link] More videos on her website


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