Thursday, August 27, 2009

Roma Gypsies Dancing

Now for some culture and entertaiment... Roma Gypsies dancing... I call it the sideways (Irish) Riverdance. I can see this go over well in Vegas in a variety show.

Welp, here's a really good, fun, demonstration. The first male dancer (in the blue shirt) looks like me when I have have to go tinker real bad. The second dancer (in the yellow/blue) looks like me when the door's closed and I'm telling the guy inside to hurry.

Gypsy dancers from Romania @ the Paléo Folk music festival in Switzerland 2006

This dance was performed at Romafest in Verbunk and it is a fast version of a genuine romanian folk dance, "Barbuncul", which is originally from Transsylvania.

[Youtube] Romafest in Verbunk: Barbuncul

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