Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ralph Nader: Healthcare and the Bailout

Who do you go to for advice and integrity during troubled times? Of course, the one and only crime fighter, Ralph Nader!

Here's Ralph Nader in favor of full single payer healthcare. I have family members in the healthcare profession and they tell me the single payer health plan is the only way to go. Everybody can be covered under the same premiums we are paying right now to private "insurance". I think the concept of healtch care insurance needs to change. We pay for food, water, shelter and all of our other needs. Why is it when it comes to the subject of healthcare everyone expects not to pay the full amount out of their pockets for any service they get? Insurance should be for catastrophies like accidents and big ticket items, not for headaches and xrays. Because insurance pays for all the care, it makes everything expensive. I can assure you that if most care was paid by cash, healthcare would automatically be rationed and also prices would be much cheaper than they are now, due to shopping around for the lowest prices. I was going to my dentist on cash basis and she was charging me $55 per filling. When I used my insurance she got paid almost 3x as much for the same exact filling. She wanted me to get all my fillings redone because I had insurance.

Ralph Nader on the subject of the bailouts wants to put the crooks in jail. Plain and simple.

[Youtube] Ralph Nader on Democracy Now! discussing Obama's health care sellout - Part1

[Youtube] Ralph Nader on Democracy Now! discussing Obama's health care sellout - Part2

[Youtube] Ralph Nader on the bailout

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